Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's A Partay. <3

Dear Friends,
Today was a really nice day. Althouqh it's raininq as I type. :] I'm not even sure what I wanna type her. I've qot bad cramps && I'm in the bestest mood. But I still just wanted to post somethinq for you quys. ;] Hope to talk to you all soon.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thouqhts for Today.

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a qood day at school, if your still in school. There hasn't been much homework lately so I've just been cominq straiqht home && onto my laptop. But today, I found some really useful && qood information on photoqraphy. I printed a lot of it off && I'll be usinq it as a resource when I need it. I've decided that I really do want to do photoqraphy. I'm just not sure what type of photoqraphy I want to do. There's sooo much to choose from. Hopefully I come to a decision in the near future. :] So anyways, life has been qoinq well for me. So far. I'm makinq my parents proud in everythinq I do && I'm startinq to make better choices with my life. Which is really qood for me. I think that's all for my thouqht spills today.

Check for more post later. :]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, I just redid my aim.

Hit me up?



Keep Your Shoes Out Cha Mouth.

Hey everybody. ;] I qot a few comments with my post yesterday. I personally want to thank you two lots for takinq the time to help me out. I still have not decided what I want to do && that will probably take some time. But do bare with me. School's beinq qoinq qreat and my qrades are maintaininq well. Def. better than last year. Halloween's cominq up, what are all of you quys doinq? I think I'm just hanqinq out with a few friends. [:

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What is It?

Just like any other teenaqe qirl, I can't make up my mind. I really want to be a fashion desiqner. I have sketches && I sew. But photoqraphy fits my lifestyle more. Then's there is music. Everyone loves music. But it's just somethinq about it. I really need to decided what I want to do with my life so I can have a qood mindset on what's qoinq on. But I def. have to know my Christmas because I really want the Nikon D40 but if I don't make my mind up, I can't qet it because it would be a waste if I decided to take up music or fashion. Whew. Is anyone else in a delimia like me? If so please help me. :] I would really really appriciate your help && willinqness.
So anyways, how is everyones week qoinq so far? Its Monday, which means another week of school. My qrades are really qood, but I want an A in Math but riqht now I have a 88 which is a B. I know that those are really hiqh standards, but I have to keep them hiqh because if I don't. There is no point in wantinq to pursue in a career without the proper knowledqe. Nothinq will work out riqht. :]
It's late. && I def. need to qet ready for bed. Have a qreat Tuesday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here Comes Monday

So, this weekend was awesomee. Lols. As you can see. I went to Victoria Secrets with a g' load of my friends. ;] It was a blast. I'm really stuck with where I want to qo with my bloq. Ideas?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I realized that startinq a whole new bloq would be really stupid && it was take a really lonq time. So I came back to Life of A Fashion Dork. And I just want to say sorry for not even thinkinq about my bloq for a really lonq time, With school,sports && my fashion line. I've been really really busy. So I'm qoinq to be bloqqinq a lot today. :]

AIM: fashiondork60