Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well First,

I want to say, HAPPY AUGUST!!! Yet, another great month!

I have a calendar to go over with you guys, I want you to tell me what you think?

I am thinking of having a contest!!!! My contest is going to mark my 100 follower milestone and I want every too participate. BUT, i don't know what to have the contest theme to be about, if that makes since to you all. So I want all of you to either email me ,, or leave a comment below and tell me what you think I should have the contest about!!! I will be having prizes for the contest winners so boo-yah to you all!

Also, I'm now going to stick to my weekly agenda of post. I'm going to post 2 new designs every other Friday, I'm going to do a "designer bio" every 2 weeks, and I'm going to do a post every day!!! Or atleast I'm going to attept to. Please bare with me.

BTW, you all, I'm going to start school August 20th. So once I start school, blogging just might be harder and more of an effort once this happens BUT I am still going to keep my blog up and running for all of you lovely followers!

ALSOOO, lols. I'm going to let you all know now that I'm going to have a contest every 100 followers, so if you miss this contest, no worries! So as I said before, please comment or email me suggestions that I can use for my contest.

For now, this is all that I'm going to say. lols, but please do look out later for more post. Within the few next post I will tell you guys more information about my contest, so if you are interested in it, please looky out!


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