Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts for Today

Hey everybody, it's brandi. :) My email for the blog is becomming very very very successful. I've gotten quite a few emails. Thanks. Ohkay, soooooo I have 52 followers! Which is a total plus. To all my followers : THANK YOU BUNCHES!
SO I'M REALLY EXCITED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!! hahaa. ohkay, sooo i'm getting a sewing machine today. Yes, I said it. I'm getting a sewing machine. Yeahhhh babyyy. lols. So as soon as I get some stuff sewed, I will def. put them up and show y'all my work.
If you guys know anyone that can help me get my designs out and known, please contact me via email.


  1. `Hi brandi,
    nice blog again. Damn you already got 52 followers, wish my blog was such a succes.

    Much love,

  2. usin a sewin machine is hard.u gotta learn how to put da thread in place n stuff.i saw my grandma do it,n its not easy.hope ull b successful at it.u should probably make some gown or dress.

  3. hehe i hope so,
    can I have your real email adress?..
    or add mine wesley-_-WoW@hotmail.com
    so we can chat and stuff...