Monday, July 20, 2009

No Way to Communicate?

Ehh, hello everybody. I HAVE NO PHONE. LOST ALL MY CONTACTS AND PICTURES. It's not cool. :( Ohkay, so anyways what's up y'all? Lols. Today, I worked solidly on my drawings. I got tons done. Man, I wish that I could get these to a manufactuer. But IDK how to. Help? Hmmm, ohkay so i have noooo clue what to talk about. Ideas pleasee?

Comment below. :)


  1. hey brandi. I know you don't want to tell people how old you are. But I was wondering if your in college yet? If not here are some great fashion schools to look in order of greatness: Parson's School of design in New York, FIT in New York, Kent State University in Kent, Ohio(the cheapest and where I go to school.) I am a fashion student as well. And you are very talented but proper education would go a long way. I plan a yearly fashion show at my school and also am a fashion editor for a school magazine. I would like to keep in touch with you, and provide you with any guaidance you may need. Let me know what you think. My AIM is Britany6784 and my blog is

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