Friday, July 10, 2009

My Thoughts

The day has really turned around. Earlier it was really rainy and depressing. Now the sun is out. And it's way warmer.
Yesterday, I heard on CNN that the autopsy report on Michael Jackson's death was either a homicide or a overdose. OMG. But my thoughts on that is that his doctor. Dr.Murray. Is that he had a major part in his death. MJ was way to young to die and it was too sudden. If any of you got a chance to look at his video rehearsal the night before his death, he looked great and in great health. Now i'm not saying that MJ is completely innocent. He knew what he was putting into his body and he knew that it would harm him sooner or later. It's kinda late to be posting about him, but that's what was really on my mind. BUT, i really do feel bad for his 3 kids. They are so beautiful. Paris had just about everyone around the world crying at MJ's memorial service. Yupp. Suree did.
But really, what worries me the most, is his kids. Where are they going to go? I think that they would be better off with Ms. Jackson. They love and know her. That Debbie lady is like a stranger and barely know her own kids. She doesn't even want them.
My thoughts. :))
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