Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jaw Droppin' Type

Hey everyone, so what's up with this picture? No make-up, NONE. omg. I have to retake this onee. Lols. Alright so I'm all packed up and ready to go on mee vacaa. Well I'm actually going a few places before school starts. Kansas City and either Chicago or New York. We don't know yet. Lols. Ohkay so I'm still going to be posting and blogging throughout my whole vaca. Trust mee. hahaa.
Ohkay so I know that I showed you all my plans for my blog, sooooo. I really want you know what YA'LL want to see in my blog and what y'all want to know. It's going to benifit you and mee. :)
Comments below?


  1. have fun and everyone check out my blog and follow it at

  2. You Know What You Should Do That Would Be Sooo Nice ?
    Post A Blog +& Tell Ppl To Follow Me .

    Just A Suggestion .

    Signed, Ronisha

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  4. Hi Brandi!

    Thanks for your comment ~ why don't you send me an email at with your questions ^_^


  5. Wauuw you are really pretty!,
    You should post some pictures of you working with a sewing machine.

    Much love,

  6. Come to Chicago you'll love it! Hey im following you so you should follow me too..

  7. you still look beautiful with a silly face and no makeup!