Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey everybody, so i'm just getting home from church, It was awesomee. I'm suree that you all don't know that my grandpa is the pastor at the church. So as he was preaching, I was on spot the whole time. :))

Hmm, so I got a lot of complitments on my smile today. That's awesomee. Today in church, I learned to NOT put anything off for 'tommorow' as you all know tommorow is never promised. Sunday, hmm, the Sabbath day. Where no man shall work. Sunday is for praise and worship to our God. It's been like that since the beggining. It's a day to spend with your family, a day to be grateful for. A GREAT day.

Ohkay, so I have a few thoughts about the economy. Honestly, since I do not have a job or do I have to provide for myself, the economy is a little bit too far fetched. We know how to manage money and we all know the difference betweeen a want and a need. It's a thin line. Why are many of jobs being transfered over-seas? Well then, the Americans who were fortunate enough to have a great job, weren't appriciative for their jobs. It's really simple. Now i'm no president or anything but I stay informed on news. Call it whatchu want.

Make suree y'all keep checking for new post throughout the day. I'll post moree.

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  1. Hey i am lovinq duh dress buhtt dont think it goes cool with the qraphic tee...

  2. i was going to church, and it's usually cold, so I couldn't just wear the dress by itself. That's why I had to wear that shirt under it. I mean it's summer and cardigans are too hot to wear.