Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Peek Inside my Brain

Hey everybody!!! It's Brandi. So I haven't been on my blog since yesterday morning, :( Sorry to everyone that has been checking my blog waiting to see my new post. If y'all didn't know, my baby cousin had her 5th birthday party today and I just haddd to go. So we at her pool party from 11-1. Whew, there was sooo many of her little friends from school. I've never seen soo many floaties. I mean I was cruisin in my. lols. But i did eventually get in the water. And stayed in the whole party. My cousin and her mom made awesomee cupcakes! I had like 3. Ohkay, so I want to advise every girl that hasn't been swimming yet to not get a string bikini and expect to be able to jump in the pool and come up with your top. Get a strap one. Trust me. lols. Personal experiences. So as you guys can tell I'm just rambling! The picture that I'm using today is a picture that I took like on a Tuesday in March! Me and my mom and my brother we're at Steak and Shake beforee church, good times. :)
Soo,, I have decided to postpone the Friday Sketches until next Friday, me being out of town and not really on the computer as much as I am at home, I can't make as many post. But trust me, I am def. going to makee the sketch post on this upcoming Friday!! :D
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Play a Love Game

Good Morning everybody, it's currently 8:26A.M. and I am likee soooo tired. I jumped in the shower to get a wake up, but that didn't do much. lols. So now I have 75 Followers and I want to thank everyone of them. Thanks for being loyal, thanks for commenting, thanks for everything. :)

So when I get my 90th follower, I want to have a contest. I'm not sure what kind of contest it is, but I will update you all with that once I get 90. So make suree you stay tuned for that.

I am sooo terably sorry to everyone that waited this week to see my designs. I got so busy with packing that I forgot all about the blog, I promise that they will be up by Sunday. Pinkie-Promise. ;D

We're leaving in about 30 minutes, I'm going to go and do my hair and I will talk to you all later.

Goodbye my Lovees.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jaw Droppin' Type

Hey everyone, so what's up with this picture? No make-up, NONE. omg. I have to retake this onee. Lols. Alright so I'm all packed up and ready to go on mee vacaa. Well I'm actually going a few places before school starts. Kansas City and either Chicago or New York. We don't know yet. Lols. Ohkay so I'm still going to be posting and blogging throughout my whole vaca. Trust mee. hahaa.
Ohkay so I know that I showed you all my plans for my blog, sooooo. I really want you know what YA'LL want to see in my blog and what y'all want to know. It's going to benifit you and mee. :)
Comments below?

The Caged Bird

Hey everybody, it's meee. Ohkay, so my photo for today is a recyled one. I haven't been in this big "photo-taking" mood. ): Sorry.

Sooo, today is Thursday, HAPPY THURSDAY!! I now have 65 followers. It's amazing to me honestly. I had my blog for 14 days and it's this successful already? woah!!!!

Tommorow's Friday, and that means that you all get to see 2 of my newest designs. Happy Happy. Like I said in my previous post, I'm going to post 2 random designs and post them on the blog, then i'm going to just talk about the inspiration behind them and why I chose them. :)

If y'all have not noticed, I redid my blog. Hope you guys like it. Tell me whatchu think. ;D
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Peacee and Love!

Cutest Blog Nomination...

Hey world, I'm nominated for the cutest blog award that "Demi" is hosting, you all may not know Demi, but she a great person. Her blog is amazing and she has awesomee style. lols. Ohkay, so she wants all of her nominees to tell our followers about the contest.

You all have until July 31st to nominate yourself for the award. Her link to the blog is at the end of this post. :)

Alrighty soooo I got my sewing machine yesterday evening. It's beautiful, I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but trust me, I have plenty of time to do that. I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm going on a vacaa this weekend. (Friday thru Sunday) I am still going to put an effort at posting for y'all, but it's not promised. :)

Love you all, keep tellin' your blogmates about mee and yupp. lols.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dannnnggggg Man.

Hey everybody, I had to make a new aim because I was having issue with the old one. So here is my NEW aim. :)

I'm always on it. lols. Don't hesistate to aim me.

Alright, so that's all for now.


you worry about yours, let them worry about theirs, cause i got mine.

Hey everybody, ohkay so nooo picture today. :( Soooryyy. Still in the pajamas and I look like woah! lols. Ohkay alright so I'm getting my sewing machine today and I was up until like 1 last night sketching. OMG. there the bomb. Like TICK TICK. <--Wayne moment. Ohkay soooooo. This isn't the only post that I'm making today I just wanted to make this one so y'all would no that I'm going to be blogging.

Alright so :
What to look for in my next few post?
Alright so I'm going to start a weekly type-ish post that I only do once a week. It's going to be called Brandi's Blurbs. So look out for those this week. And once every week.

Second thing to look for, MORE DESIGNS. I am going to post 2 sketches every Friday and talk about the inspirations behind the designs.

Third and last thing to be looking for is, once a week. Prolly on Tuesdays, I'm going to do a designer bio. Where I randomly choose a designer a-z and do a bio on them and show their collections and stuff.

So hopefully having my blog more organized will bring me more followers and more attention. :)

If y'all have any questions, please don't hesistate to email me or comment.


Do you Know the Muffin Man?

Hahhaa, lols. Hey everybody, it's Brandi! And I'm just making this post to ask you all a favor. One of my friends, Darrin, or y'all might know him as Mr.Muffin Man, is having trouble getting followers, and keeping them. We both started our blog around the same time, and he wanted to know how I go sooooo many followers. Luck? lols. But yeah, so I just want all y'all to look at his blog and check um out.

Tell'em I sent chu.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smoothies are good for U!!!

Hey everybody, it's Brandi. Hmm, ohkay so I didn't get my sewing machine today. :(( AWWW. BUT I am getting it tommorow for sure. The reason why I didn't get it today is because we didn't have and needles or thread or fabric, so we're just gonna get that and then get the sewing machine. Oh yeah unn hun. lols. So I'm trying to make a video for you guys but IDK if I can like record it directly from my webcam and then from youtube publish it over here, cause right now, that's like the only way I can do it. Sooooo, if you guys can help me, it would mean a lot.
So just contact me via email or comment. :)

Becky Becky, Guess What?

Get freckin what? LOLS. I now have 55 followers! The number is getting better and better! I have a lot of people coming to me asking for callabos and my knowledge. I never thought my blog would get me this far. But all things are possible through Christ babbbyyy. Alright, so that's all I wanted to say. And once again I WANT TO THANK ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS. PLEASE TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY BLOG AND HAVE THEM FOLLOW ME. :)

Thoughts for Today

Hey everybody, it's brandi. :) My email for the blog is becomming very very very successful. I've gotten quite a few emails. Thanks. Ohkay, soooooo I have 52 followers! Which is a total plus. To all my followers : THANK YOU BUNCHES!
SO I'M REALLY EXCITED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!! hahaa. ohkay, sooo i'm getting a sewing machine today. Yes, I said it. I'm getting a sewing machine. Yeahhhh babyyy. lols. So as soon as I get some stuff sewed, I will def. put them up and show y'all my work.
If you guys know anyone that can help me get my designs out and known, please contact me via email.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No Way to Communicate?

Ehh, hello everybody. I HAVE NO PHONE. LOST ALL MY CONTACTS AND PICTURES. It's not cool. :( Ohkay, so anyways what's up y'all? Lols. Today, I worked solidly on my drawings. I got tons done. Man, I wish that I could get these to a manufactuer. But IDK how to. Help? Hmmm, ohkay so i have noooo clue what to talk about. Ideas pleasee?

Comment below. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Social Networking

Hey everybody, so I have a PSA for y'all. I got this idea from a really good friend of mine.

Mmhkay. So I know have a email specifically for my blog. So this is where you guys can ask me questions, get to know me, or even we can talk about our fashion designs more privately, if you are dreaming to be one. So don't hesistate. I will be checking it everyday.

Umm, and I also have an AIM for all of who have one, y'all can AIM me too if that's easier.
Hmm, follow me on Twitter. hahaa.

That's pretty much all of my 'social networking' accounts. So y'all can look at those and what not. lols.

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Her Small Thought

Hey everyone, i'm back from a long day of nothing. lols. I had fun at the mall. I haven't seen sooo many people in a while. lols. Hmmm, ohh. Ohkay, so I think I messed up my knee. This morning when I woke up, my knee cracked like really loud and i've been having problems with it since. I've got ice on it, hopefully it gets better.

Hmm, ohkay.
So I'm making a few more post tonight, check um oudd. :)

It takes a village to do something. hahaaa.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why sooo Serious?

This is the AMAZING Jean Paul Gaultier's latest collection. This collection is mad dopee. I love it, and this model, she's beyond beautiful. Jean is a great designer, as I've learned in this past 10 minutes I took to find him. NYMAG.COM is a great website to find new AND old designers. They have every designer A to Z that there is. Make suree you guys check it out.
Here's some info about Jean Paul Gaultier and his clothing line:
After working for Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou, Jean Paul Gaultier set out on his own to create a womenswear line. The label’s gender-bending, deconstructed aesthetic, and risqué collaborations—like Madonna’s infamous cone-shaped bra for the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour—gave the designer his “enfant terrible” reputation. He’s also known as one of the industry’s master tailors, with a knack for tuxes, trenches, and leather, and a tendency to embrace equestrian, military, and royal tropes—all with a sense of fun. In addition to the clothes—now licensed by Aeffe and including menswear—Gaultier created a successful fragrance line, packaged in his signature torso-shaped bottles. His first couture collection didn’t come until 1997, but has been critically acclaimed since its beginnings. In 1999, Hermès bought 35 percent of the Jean Paul Gaultier company, which gave the brand capital to open up stores in East Asia. It also opened up another window for the designer; in 2004, Hermès hired him as head womenswear designer for the label.

Her Thoughts

Soooo, hey everybody, how's it going? Sorry I haven't been making post lately, I've been really busy. Ohkay, soo my goal was to have 40 followers by today, but I only have 38. I mean that's close , but I was really looking forward to 40-45 followers by this weekend. But if y'all could help me get these followers, I would be real appricitave. <--spell check. :) Sooo, hmm. Omg, Do you guys know that Nickelodeon has been playing Spongebob for 3 days? And then on Sunday their playing 10 new episode. Woah doggy, hahaa.
Lately, I haven't really had a lot to say on my blog. So if you guys want, you can leave a comment asking to me to blog about something that you want to read, and I will be sure to make a post on it. But you have to make a comment in THIS post or I won't find it. :)
Ohkay, so at 1:30 I have a eye doctor's appointment to order my contacts. It's 12:44. So i'm justa "lolly-gagging".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where'd you go?

Hey everybody, it's brandi. :) Sorry I haven't made any post, I really haven't been home and I haven't had the time to post any. But I do want to make notice that I HAVE 37 FOLLOWERS IN 8 DAYS. It's that amazing? This blog is becoming very successful. Umm, sooo tommorow I will be all over my blog. Making post, replying to comments, etc.

I know that this post was short, BUT, i'm about leave again. :/
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go Hard, or Go Home.

Hey everybody, so last night, it stormed like crazy! It was likee woah. hahaa. I wanted to point out that I have 28 followers in 6 days. That's great, for me, if I keep this up every week, I could have 84 followers in 2 more weeks. Once again, I just want to thank all of my followers. You guys are what keeps me going and creating new post.

So, I have been getting a lot of feedback on my design that I post yesterday. {good ones} And I also just want to say thank you to y'all that do like my designs and see where I want to go with this. I might not be old enough to start my own line, but i'm getting closee.

I have the weirdest way of posting post,comments, emails, text, everything, hahaa. When I talk about a new subject, I like skip a line and start a new paragraph. Hehehee. It's kindaa funny if your understanding what I'm talking about.

Hmmm, soooooo. OMG, ohkay, I have a really good idea for my blog. Once a week, I can make a post, and it would be likee a discussion type thing. You guys can leave your comments and i will reply to them a.s.a.p. you know, it's just for my followers and you guys can ask me questions and other things like that. I'll explain tommorow because i'm going to do the discussion tommorow. :) Y'all tell me if you understand what I'm saying and what you think about it in the comments below.

If you want me to follow you, please leave your url in the comments. If not, I can find your blog.

Check back later for more post!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ohkay so this is just real quick and simple, i will no longer be putting my designs on blogspot. I'm sorry to everyone that was looking forward to more designs. It's just not a risk that I'm willing to take.

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She's forreal about this!

So here are my sketches that I promised. :/ Not exactly, i edited my post, because I don't want to take a risk and have ANYONE take my ideas. So I'm just showing one if my best designs. Sorry to all.

They are directly scanned from my sketchbook. Yes, I am using colored pencils, as you all may not now. I've just started sketching and I really want to get the basics down before I go off and spend my money on things that I don't even know how to use. So y'all can tell me what you like, or should I say which designs you like best. I'm going to try to get some more done so I can share them with you.
Also, if you want me to follow your blog, please leave your link in a comment. Because other wise, I can't find your blog.
I want to thank all of my followers. I currently have 19. Which is great for me because I've only had my blog for 5 days. I'm soo thankful for every 19 of y'all because you guys are what inspires me to make more post and continue my blog.
Look out for moree post.

Can someone turn on the lights?

So this is the Alexander Wang Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection. This collection is really dark and 'gloomy'. The clothes are very unique and different from other collections that i'vee seen.
Comments below?
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Got my Vans on but these Marc Jacobs

So, here's the post that y'all have been waiting for. :)) This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Resort Collection. The prints and designs are really fun and the dresses are beautiful. Not only are the clothes gorgeous but the models are very pretty. There's a little bit of everything in this collection. It was hard for me to choose my favorite 9. Overall, Marc Jacobs is a great designer and a huge inspiration.
So if you guys are wondering where I get the lastest news on fashion shows, I usually go to . It's a great website and they have everything you can imagine fashion.
So you guys tell me which one you like best from these 9 in the comments. I'll try my hardest to reply.
If you want me to follow you, please leave your link in a comment. Usually i prefer for people to follow me before I follow them, but either way works.
it's about to storm.
I'll be back later.

Monday, July 13, 2009

it's over already?

Hey everybody, it's mee. omg. I'm such a procrasinator. I want to make a fashion post. I just don't have time right now. I'm working moree on my sketches and dream. So there's that. I can't believe that the season finale for the 6th season of Run's House comes on tonight. :((( I watched like erry episodee. hahaa. So I pinky promise that my very next post is going to be fashion. I promise. And if I don't . . . ahahaa.
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Howdy Partner

Hey everybody, so I got a ton of designs done yesterday. I going to try to scan them today. Hahaa. Hmm, sooo today is a really pretty day, it's really nicee and sunny.

I haven't really made any post about fashion lately, moree about mee. But I'm still doing fashion related posts. I've just been focusing on myself right now. Not selfishly though. Omg. So I don't have much to say today. Shocker.

So later, I'm going to scan the sketches and get them up so y'all can see them. But not all of them, because you never know who's looking and I really don't want any of my designs copied or nun. So there's that.

Lately, I've been really into sundresses with boots. Yeah. I kno. It's prolly real old but . . . hahaa. I'll talk about it later.

I'm out peps.


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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey everybody, so i'm just getting home from church, It was awesomee. I'm suree that you all don't know that my grandpa is the pastor at the church. So as he was preaching, I was on spot the whole time. :))

Hmm, so I got a lot of complitments on my smile today. That's awesomee. Today in church, I learned to NOT put anything off for 'tommorow' as you all know tommorow is never promised. Sunday, hmm, the Sabbath day. Where no man shall work. Sunday is for praise and worship to our God. It's been like that since the beggining. It's a day to spend with your family, a day to be grateful for. A GREAT day.

Ohkay, so I have a few thoughts about the economy. Honestly, since I do not have a job or do I have to provide for myself, the economy is a little bit too far fetched. We know how to manage money and we all know the difference betweeen a want and a need. It's a thin line. Why are many of jobs being transfered over-seas? Well then, the Americans who were fortunate enough to have a great job, weren't appriciative for their jobs. It's really simple. Now i'm no president or anything but I stay informed on news. Call it whatchu want.

Make suree y'all keep checking for new post throughout the day. I'll post moree.

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Stay blessed.
Be greatful.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


i'm about to start my sketching for the night. I'll be on later after I finish.


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Bummed Out

So it's 6:00p.m. and i'm still in my pajamas. Didn't really meet my goal for today.
"So I going to start earlier today, so I can hopefully get atleast 2 or 3 sketches done."
hahaa. Funny story. But if I have to stay up tonight, ima get my designs done. A sneak peak?
Most of this line, I'm working with light,bright, neon colors. Like the picture above. So I promise that I will try my hardest to get some designs up so y'all can see then and I can get some feedback. Hmmm, what else was I suppose to say...hmm...idk. I forgot. It was something about something. tehehee. If I remember, I'll make another post.
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her life is full of fashion :)

So as I told you guys yesterday, I would try to get pictures of my designs up from yesterday. Things didn't work out as I expected. It took me like a hour to just get one design done. By time that design was done, it was almost 10:30. hahaa. My hands were cramped and I was hungry. So I going to start earlier today, so I can hopefully get atleast 2 or 3 sketches done. I do have a name for the line that I'm trying to create, I might change it later on, BUT for now.

The name of the line that I'm producing is called Welcome Home! The wild meets New York City.

Tell me whatchu think about it. Ima try to get my designs up on the blog. but idk yet. I'm soo shy with them.

The weather is sooo crazy out here. Yesterday it was cold and hot now today, I don't know what it is. I haven't been outside yet, so I guess that would explain this. hahaa. I woke up really late today. Like around 1. Sleep wasn't really a priority last night. I didn't go to sleep until like 5. I remember going to sleep watching Tom and Jerry. hahaa. OMG. I noticed that Tom doesn't like Jerry and everytime Tom tries to eat Jerry, she gets away and Tom's dumb but tries even harder to get her. hahaa. omg. alright. old folk moment.

Well the mom's bugging me to go and make my bed.

I'm out.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fashion is Love

I'm going to the art supply store in a tad. I need supplies. All my ideas are going to vanish and ima be right back at square 1. hahaa. So when I get back from the store, i'll start on my designs. Hopefully, I can get my designs on the computer and show you all.

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My Thoughts

The day has really turned around. Earlier it was really rainy and depressing. Now the sun is out. And it's way warmer.
Yesterday, I heard on CNN that the autopsy report on Michael Jackson's death was either a homicide or a overdose. OMG. But my thoughts on that is that his doctor. Dr.Murray. Is that he had a major part in his death. MJ was way to young to die and it was too sudden. If any of you got a chance to look at his video rehearsal the night before his death, he looked great and in great health. Now i'm not saying that MJ is completely innocent. He knew what he was putting into his body and he knew that it would harm him sooner or later. It's kinda late to be posting about him, but that's what was really on my mind. BUT, i really do feel bad for his 3 kids. They are so beautiful. Paris had just about everyone around the world crying at MJ's memorial service. Yupp. Suree did.
But really, what worries me the most, is his kids. Where are they going to go? I think that they would be better off with Ms. Jackson. They love and know her. That Debbie lady is like a stranger and barely know her own kids. She doesn't even want them.
My thoughts. :))
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Gucci Resort

2009. I love these dresses and pants. There real nice and flowing. The prints are real playful and I'd wear them like everyday. hahaa. Here's an article 'bout the collection on :

Upon arriving at Gucci's cruise show, it was hard to know where to look—at the acres of tanned skin, tawny hair, and jewel-colored dresses lining the runway, or at the seventies redux collection coming down it. This was the last stop in what's turned out to be a season tour of spectacular venues: Chanel in Miami, DVF in Florence, and now Gucci, mounted in the garden of the seventeenth-century Villa Aurelia in Rome, the exact spot where Frida Giannini had her wedding party three years ago. (She's a local girl made good, and the occasion was both a triumphant, sentimental homecoming and an excuse to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the opening of Gucci's Via Condotti store in the city.)

The clothes; the bouncing, center-parted hair; and the seventies vibe were all indivisible from Giannini's own style: a contemporary cherry-picking of casual-glam, jet-set dressing as caught in the flashbulbs of the paparazzi 30 years ago. She quoted Talitha Getty, Lee Radziwill, and Jane Birkin as direct inspiration: Getty for the long, flowy gypsy dresses; Radziwill for the neat banded coats; and Birkin for the teeny-tiny thigh-high smocks trimmed with broderie anglaise. Principally, though, it was a rendering of everything Giannini habitually plays with from the Gucci archive and makes her own—here in a palette of white, caramel, burnt orange, teal, and python. There were seashell scarf prints on chiffon, rib-cinching patchwork suede jackets, leather bombers with scallop cutouts or rose tattoo prints, disco-era cross-laced blouses, gold pendants with enamel scallops, and thick, silk cord belts looped through crisp white flares. The standouts: a pair of stacked espadrilles with a fringed suede ankle strap, the big low-slung python shoulder bag with a fold-over flap, and five different printed multilayer chiffon maxi dresses. It turns out, the dresses are special editions destined to be sold only in Rome. Right after the show, Giannini was already putting one of them—a black version with a twisted scarf neckline—through its party paces. It looked right at home.